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P n R Training - At Pennfields each individual horse or rider receives pampered care and remarkable training with a personalized program at reasonable rates as our honored guest. Daily individual care and attention gently brings out the best of each unique personality and positively reinforces their abilities. We work to incorporate manners, patience, discipline, and fun; with a base in natural horsemanship.  For our horses, we Combine both classical French dressage and light Western Pleasure into their routine for a versatile, well rounded, adaptable horse. Our Training, for both horse and rider, starts from the ground up for a connection of body, heart, mind, and spirit of the horse and in conjunction with the person so that they may find success and fun in any situation. Thus, through learning and growing in companionship and understanding together there is created a unique bond and friendship between horse and rider.  My team and I strive to make this an enjoyable positive experience all around for both the horse and person to preserve their integrity; young or old, and to nurture the love of and passion for the care and understanding of the horse overall.

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